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Dental Board Anesthesia Protocols

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You asked for it. You need this book.

The 2024 Edition is here with Convenient Access to the information dental boards can require.

Many Boards of Dentistry require each dental office providing sedation to patients a book of written protocols encompassing your entire practice of sedation anesthesia.

This E-book will allow you to use this and to add your own personal information.

Available in Adobe PDF format & NOW WORD DOCX FORMAT.
716 Pages.
Last Updated February 20, 2020.

Latest Updates:

  • Wipe the Top
  • Scrub the Hub
  • Marijuana Use Before Anesthesia/Sedation
  • New Moderate Sedation Chart

Table of Contents:

Written Protocols for the Sedation of Dental Patients

Introduction: How to Use This Manual
Emergency Drug Inventory and Training Logs
Chapter 1 Preoperative Patient Assessment
Chapter 2 Informed Consent
Chapter 3 Sedation Delivery
Chapter 4 Sedation Records
Chapter 5 Patient Recovery and Discharge
Chapter 6 Emergency Office Response
Chapter 7 Credentials
Chapter 8 Equipment and Supplies
Chapter 9 Continuous Quality Improvement
Chapter 10 Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs
Chapter 11 Anesthesia Financial Policies
Appendix A Anesthesia Resources
Appendix B All Anesthesia Forms
Appendix C Web Addresses for all State Boards of Dentistry

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Dental Board Anesthesia Protocols
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