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Online Sedation Training with Sedation Consult | Empowering Dental and Medical Professionals

In today's fast-paced healthcare environment, continuing education is paramount for professionals striving to provide the highest standard of care. Sedation Consult, a leader in online sedation training, offers comprehensive courses designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of dental and medical professionals. With flexible, high-quality online training, Sedation Consult ensures that practitioners are well-prepared to manage sedation and anesthesia effectively and safely. This article explores how Sedation Consult's online training works for various professions and details the extensive range of courses available.

Professions Covered by Sedation Consult

For dentists, proficiency in sedation techniques is crucial to managing patient anxiety and pain during procedures. Sedation Consult provides courses that cover everything from the basics of monitoring sedation to advanced pharmacological concepts, ensuring that dentists can offer safe and comfortable experiences for their patients.

Dental anesthesiologists require specialized training in sedation and anesthesia. Sedation Consult's courses, such as Essentials of Monitoring Sedation/General Anesthesia and Sedation Drug Toolbox, offer in-depth knowledge and practical skills essential for these professionals to perform their roles effectively.

Dental hygienists often encounter anxious patients. By taking courses like Essentials of Nitrous Oxide and Dental Office Medical Emergencies, hygienists can learn how to administer minimal sedation and respond to emergencies, enhancing patient comfort and safety during routine cleanings and procedures.

Dental assistants play a supportive role in sedation procedures. Training in courses like Essentials of Monitoring (LIVE) and 16 Tough Patients equips them with the necessary skills to assist effectively in a sedation setting, ensuring smooth and safe dental operations.

Certified nurse midwives involved in labor and delivery can benefit greatly from sedation training. Courses such as Essentials of Nitrous Oxide for Labor & Delivery provide the knowledge needed to administer nitrous oxide safely, offering an effective pain management option for laboring mothers.

For labor and delivery nurses, managing pain and sedation during childbirth is a critical skill. Sedation Consult's courses, including Essentials of Nitrous Oxide for Labor & Delivery and Emergency Medications, prepare these nurses to provide effective and safe sedation, enhancing the birthing experience for mothers.

Courses Offered by Sedation Consult

Sedation Consult offers a wide array of courses tailored to meet the needs of various professionals in dental and medical fields. Here’s a closer look at the courses available:

This course provides foundational knowledge on monitoring patients under sedation or general anesthesia, covering vital signs, patient safety, and emergency protocols.

A unique and engaging approach to understanding the principles of monitoring sedation through interactive and practical lessons.

Live sessions that offer real-time training on monitoring techniques, providing hands-on experience and immediate feedback from experts.

Focused on the safe administration of nitrous oxide, this course covers indications, contraindications, and the practical aspects of its use in clinical settings.

Specialized training for labor and delivery settings, this course teaches safe nitrous oxide administration to manage pain during childbirth.

A critical course that covers the types and uses of emergency medications, ensuring that practitioners are prepared to respond to various medical emergencies.

This course prepares dental professionals to handle medical emergencies in the office, from allergic reactions to cardiac events, ensuring patient safety.

A course designed to tackle challenging patient scenarios, providing strategies and solutions for managing difficult cases effectively.

An in-depth look at the pharmacology of sedation drugs, their effects, interactions, and proper administration techniques.

A comprehensive resource on the various drugs used in sedation, their indications, dosages, and management.

Focused on the recognition and management of laryngospasm, this course is crucial for preventing and handling this potentially life-threatening condition.

Training on the use and management of intravenous fluids during sedation, covering types of fluids, administration techniques, and monitoring.

A course that teaches the interpretation of EKGs in the context of advanced cardiac life support, essential for managing cardiac emergencies.

An innovative course that uses creative scenarios to teach saliva management and its importance in dental procedures.


Sedation Consult offers a robust suite of online sedation training courses designed to meet the diverse needs of dental and medical professionals. With flexible, comprehensive, and interactive training, practitioners can enhance their skills and knowledge, ensuring they provide the highest standard of care in their practices. Whether you are a dentist, dental anesthesiologist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, certified nurse midwife, or labor and delivery nurse, Sedation Consult has the right courses to support your professional development and improve patient outcomes.


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